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Digital Court Reporting | Facts You Need to Know About Court Reporting

Court reporters play an important role during a court proceeding. Without them, we will not have accurate documentation of the entire action. The recordings and transcripts can be used to review the proceedings to further support a claim or to gather evidence. It is not an easy process but modern technology has allowed documentation to become simpler thus the rise of digital court reporting. 

The Court Room is Not Your Only Workplace

Depending on your personality but there are some people who prefer to have fixed schedules and work in courtrooms. There are also people who prefer to become a freelance court reporter where they can work in both legal and non-legal fields, and have more control over their time. 

You are Only Going to Deal with 22 Keys 

As a court reporter, you will undergo training that uses a stenotype keyboard. This tool has only 22 keys compared to the usual keyboard and is used to transcribe notes. Although you’re going to use multiple keystrokes at once to transcribe but doesn’t the 22 keys make life easier for you?  

Your Goal is 225 Words Per Minute 

In order to graduate and to become a successful court reporter, you are required to have a speed of 225 words per minute. The stenotype machine will make this possible for you too. 

You Will Use Shorthand

Shorthand is a symbolic writing technique which is usually abbreviated. This aids in making 225 words per minute (or more) possible. But the use of shorthand is temporary because you will still have to make a formal transcript using the longhand. 

Where to learn Digital Court Reporting? 

Although modern technology has allowed the rise of Digital Court Reporting, it is still important to learn the fundamentals of becoming a court reporter. Learn from the best at Allegiant Digital Reporting Program. We are a team of experienced court reporters who are dedicated to producing the best court reporters in this generation and in the generations to come! Our training includes digital court reporting and more to keep up with the modernization. Enroll with us today to take the first step in becoming a court reporter! 

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