Digital Court Reporting | 3 Common Court Reporting Misconceptions

Digital Court Reporting | 3 Common Court Reporting Misconceptions

One of the most underrated professions out there is being a court reporter. Especially with the rise of digital court reporting, most people feel like humans will be eliminated from the court reporting equation and will now be replaced with digital recorders. It is time to educate the public. Here are some common court reporting misconceptions:

Technology Will Be the New Age Court Reporters

Technology has advanced indeed. It has made the job of every profession easier, including court reporters. Through technology, court reporters are able to enhance their skills and ability in both legal and civic context. Examples are:

Speech recognition software is also available but it cannot replace the ability of humans. Court reporters can never be replaced by technology. Even with the rise of digital court reporting, there is still a need for a court reporter to examine and approve the transcripts.

Fast Typing is the Only Skill Needed in Court Reporting

Court Reporters go through years of education and training. They also need to pass certification exams. Although being able to type 225 words per minute is one of the requirements, court reporters are also required to have the following set of skills:

Demand for Court Reporters are Low

There is actually a shortage in court reporters thus the need for digital recording. Statistics have shown that there are more retiring court reporters than graduating court reporters.

Learn Digital Court Reporting

If you think court reporting is a dying profession, think again! Through technology advancement, digital court reporting has become easier than ever. If you want to become a court reporter, learn digital court reporting from the best professionals who have been in the field all their lives. More than theory, we at Allegiant Digital Reporting Program, believe that experience is the best teacher. Contact us today for any inquiries or enroll online!

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