Digital Court Reporter Certification | Expected Abilities from a Digital Court Reporter

Digital Court Reporter Certification | Expected Abilities from a Digital Court Reporter

The journey to becoming a court reporter is not easy. You go through schooling, training, and exams to become a person crucial in serving justice in the courtroom. With the rise of technology, court reporters are expected to have a digital court reporter certification to keep up with modernization. Aside from a certification, here are the other 9 expected abilities from a digital court reporter:

Ability to Gather Information

This can be achieved through physical data, observations, investigation, analysis, and interpretation. You are expected to examine, compile, transcribe, store, label, and evaluate the gathered data or information.

Ability to be Mathematically Efficient

If you’re good at dealing with numbers, symbols, quantities, ratios, and more, this profession is for you. Basic math, like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are also important.

Ability to Communicate Effectively

Being a digital court reporter requires you to have the ability to be perfectly good with English grammar, punctuation, and spelling. You are also expected to understand scientific and technical journals, financial reports, legal documents, and abstracts. To also be able to write transcripts and create reports is necessary.

Ability to be Analytical

This has something to do with being able to deal with complex tasks and pressure. It is expected that you are able to execute coordinating tasks that involve protocols, rules, and problem-solving.

Ability to Foresee the Consequence of Your Decision

In situations wherein you are to make a decision, it is important that you are aware of the pros and cons. You should think about the stakeholders and your decisions effect on them. 

Ability to Use Equipment Effectively

You need to know how to use and handle equipment properly for you to get a digital court reporter certification. Being well versed with the equipment will help make your job easier. Knowing the proper technique and shortcuts will help you achieve the 225 words per minute requirement.

Where to get a Digital Court Reporter Certification?

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