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Court Reporter Education | Why You Should Become a Digital Court Reporter

Digital court reporting is gaining popularity across America because of its many advantages compared to traditional stenographers.  It is capable of delivering a multi-track recording, which is advantageous, especially if people are talking together at once. Also, it saves the court money because digitally recorded proceedings can be sent from the internet for free! If you wish to be a digital court reporter it is only a matter of finding the right court report education. 

It Will Only Take You 6 Months

Traditional court reporting and stenography take two years to finish, and maybe a little bit longer for your state licensure and professional certification. With digital court reporting, it will only take you 6 months to learn and train how to accurately take notes and how to make use of the necessary equipment for the recording and sounds. You also get a certificate by the end of the 6-month program!

Competitive Income

With an average of $ 49,500 of yearly wages and less student loan debt to worry about, you can now start to be financially free! Freelance digital court reporters earn this much because they could charge per page, depending on the job that needs to be done. 

Job Stability

Court reporters are an aging population that is about to experience heavy turnover. This means that there are opportunities for digital court reporters to penetrate the workforce and have a stable job.

Flexible Work Schedule & Job Security 

You have an option to work full-time and you will be hired by a particular court or judge. Also, freelancing is an option and you can work at any court, judge, law firm or corporation. Working from home is even an option!

Looking for Information About a Court Reporter Education?

This might be the career you have been waiting for! But always keep in mind that you cannot just be like the other digital court reporters. You need to be the best by acquiring the best court report education at Allegiant Digital Reporting Program. Learn from the best. Call us now to learn more about the program we offer!

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