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In this modern generation, technology has made its way into the courtrooms and has made an impact on how hearings and proceedings are now being recorded. That is why digital court reporting is now part of the court reporter education. If you want to become a court reporter, most of your education will be about its duties. If you want to know what they are, read on.  

Write Written Transcripts for Proceedings

Whether it’s a hearing, deposition, or proceedings, your duty as a court reporter is to produce written word-for-word transcripts of the entire event. It includes conversations, speeches, legal proceedings, and meetings. So, as a court reporter, you are expected to produce accurate and complete transcripts and secure them.

Master Specialized Equipment

As a court reporter, you are going to use specialized equipment to record spoken dialogues, like a stenography machine, video and audio recording devices, and covered microphones. This allows judges and lawyers to review thoroughly the official record of proceedings and hearings that you provide.  

Report and Record Gestures and Actions

Not only are you going to record the spoken aspect of the entire proceeding, but also the gestures, actions, and speaker identifications. Judges will also ask you to read or playback parts of the proceedings.

Ask for Clarification

In order for you to produce accurate transcripts, you will have to ask speakers to clarify any inaudible statements or testimonies. This includes their names and any technical terminologies.

Duties outside the Legal Filed

Not everyone has a court reporter education end up in the legal field. Some become broadcast captioners or Communication access real-time translation (CART) providers. You will be expected to provide real-time translation in public forums or classes or transcribe movie dialogues for those who have hearing difficulties.

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