how do you become a court reporter?

Become a Court Reporter | The Process of Digital Court Reporting and Recording

Now is the perfect time to become a court reporter because of the rise of transcription software, digital recording software, backup media, and more. The modernization in this field will definitely help make your everyday tasks easier. And not only will you be a using modern digital equipment for recordings and transcriptions, but you also […]

where is the best place to get a court reporter education?

Court Reporter Education | Duties of a Court Reporter

In this modern generation, technology has made its way into the courtrooms and has made an impact on how hearings and proceedings are now being recorded. That is why digital court reporting is now part of the court reporter education. If you want to become a court reporter, most of your education will be about […]

where is a good court reporter training program?

Court Reporting Training Program | How to Become a Digital Court Reporter

If you want to excel in being a court reporter, aside from hard work, patience, and dedication, there are a few other things you need to do. One of which is to enroll in a court reporting training program to hone both your knowledge and skills. Aside from this, here are the things you can […]

what is digital court reporting?

Digital Court Reporting | What You Should Know about Court Reporting

You don’t have to be a lawyer to make significant contributions in court. A career like digital court reporting could be an option for you if you want a job that makes an impact as much as lawyers and prosecutors do. You will be one of the catalysts to a fair trial by delivering accurate […]

where is a good digital court reporter certification?

Digital Court Reporter Certification | Expected Abilities from a Digital Court Reporter

The journey to becoming a court reporter is not easy. You go through schooling, training, and exams to become a person crucial in serving justice in the courtroom. With the rise of technology, court reporters are expected to have a digital court reporter certification to keep up with modernization. Aside from a certification, here are […]

where are the best digital court reporting schools?

Digital Court Reporting | 3 Common Court Reporting Misconceptions

One of the most underrated professions out there is being a court reporter. Especially with the rise of digital court reporting, most people feel like humans will be eliminated from the court reporting equation and will now be replaced with digital recorders. It is time to educate the public. Here are some common court reporting […]

where is the best digital court reporting school?

Digital Court Reporting | Facts You Need to Know About Court Reporting

Court reporters play an important role during a court proceeding. Without them, we will not have accurate documentation of the entire action. The recordings and transcripts can be used to review the proceedings to further support a claim or to gather evidence. It is not an easy process but modern technology has allowed documentation to […]

where is the best digital court reporting school?

Become a Court Reporter| 4 Tips Before Becoming a Court Reporter

Want to Become a Court Reporter? Work in this occupation can both be challenging and rewarding but definitely worth it. But before you decide if this is a career path you should take, here are the 5 things you need to know before becoming a court reporter. It Is a Diverse Profession There are a […]

where is the best place to get a court reporter education?

Become a Court Reporter | Skills Every Court Reporter Needs

It is a great honor to become a court reporter because you become an essential part of serving justice. As a medium of accurately documenting information, there are essential skills you need to develop to become successful in this career. Here are some skills you need to develop to become a court reporter. Prioritization A […]

where is the best court reporter education?

Court Reporter Education | Why You Should Become a Digital Court Reporter

Digital court reporting is gaining popularity across America because of its many advantages compared to traditional stenographers.  It is capable of delivering a multi-track recording, which is advantageous, especially if people are talking together at once. Also, it saves the court money because digitally recorded proceedings can be sent from the internet for free! If […]

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