how do you become a court reporter?

Become a Court Reporter | The Process of Digital Court Reporting and Recording

Now is the perfect time to become a court reporter because of the rise of transcription software, digital recording software, backup media, and more. The modernization in this field will definitely help make your everyday tasks easier. And not only will you be a using modern digital equipment for recordings and transcriptions, but you also get to play a crucial part during proceedings and hearings. If you what to know the process of digital court reporting and recording, then read on:


A digital court reporter performs the same tasks as stenographic court reporters do, but instead of using traditional equipment, modern digital recording software and hardware are utilized. Here are the steps for digital recording

Producing Transcripts

A digital reporter will prepare a digitally recorded proceeding for transcription. Usually, Word or WordPerfect is used to prepare transcripts. This will allow easy conversion to other formats that can be compatible with electronic filing, client database requirements, or litigation support systems. Isn’t now the perfect time to become a court reporter?

How to Become a Court Reporter?

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