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Become a Court Reporter| 4 Tips Before Becoming a Court Reporter

Want to Become a Court Reporter? Work in this occupation can both be challenging and rewarding but definitely worth it. But before you decide if this is a career path you should take, here are the 5 things you need to know before becoming a court reporter.

  1. It Is a Diverse Profession

There are a number of opportunities for court reporting graduates. You have the option of becoming a freelance court reporter or become an official reporter in a courthouse. This job allows you to report trials, hearings, adoptions, city council meetings, and many other meetings. It also carries the privilege of having a flexible time schedule. If you choose a career that is not in the legal field, you can also use your skills to become a broadcast captioner.

  1. The Income Potential is Unlimited

You can be a well-paid court reporter in any field you choose to be. You just have to constantly improve your skills and be updated with the present technology. You can specialize in real-time, officials, broadcast captioners, CART captioners, and more- any of these areas can be very lucrative.

  1. High Drop Out Rate in Court Reporting School

Nothing worth having is easy and it is the same with becoming a court reporter. In order to graduate from a court reporting school, you must have a typing speed of 225 words per minute, aside from the fact that learning stenography is already challenging. Statistics show that 90% of students drop out of school but for various reasons.

  1. You are expected to Keep a Courtroom Record for 15 Years

As a court reporter, you are the authorized keeper of courtroom records. You are not only expected to record what is said in the courtroom but you are also expected to keep a copy of all the reports you’ve made for 15 years.

Become A Court Reporter

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